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Before You Rent a Bouncy Castle, Read This

by Marcus Hunter
Before You Rent a Bouncy Castle, Read This

Every parent wants to make their children’s birthday party into something extraordinary, but when you’re trying to juggle a million things to make that happen things fall through the cracks.  One way to guarantee that all the kids have fun is by renting a bouncy castle.  Before you rent a bouncy castle, read this article to help make things go smoothly. We can help you find companies you can trust while avoiding getting ripped off.

Hiring a Bouncy Castle

Hiring a bouncy castle for your party is just a phone call away.  You can do a quick Google search and find half a dozen companies that have inflatables to rent.  That doesn’t mean that you should book with the first company that you see, you still want to do a bit of research into them beforehand.  The last thing that you want is to book a company for your party and have them not show up!

Getting Recommendations

Once you have a shortlist of companies that are near you then you want to check their online reviews.  You can find them on Google itself or head on over to Yelp and see what customers had to say. Did they show up on time?  Did the customers have a good experience?  Were they helpful in getting everything set up and taken down afterward?  You can even check with some local Facebook groups for some recommendations.

Pick a Couple of Options

You may want to narrow down your list of available options to see who is closes to you.  The next thing you want to do is give them a call and see if they are even available on the date of your party.  The further in advance you can book your bouncy castle the better chance you have of getting the right date and the inflatable that you want. Holiday weekends tend to get booked pretty quickly so if you are planning a family get together on a bank holiday weekend then give them a couple of months notice at least.

Booking a bouncy castle isn’t difficult anymore there are plenty of companies that will be more than happy to meet your request. It is not as expensive as you might think either, if you are planning a birthday party for your child it will cost you close to the same amount you would spend for a special venue or outing.  Follow these tips and your party will be a smash.